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From 22nd to 23rd April 2016. FIFE will cover two days during which you will learn, understand and share knowledge.


The event will be held in the Caistab's premises in


Topics related to education, technology, development entrepreneurship and leadership will be discussed during the exhibition.

Gala dinner

Gala dinner

International Exhibition for Training and Education (FIFE)

The International Exhibition for Training and Education (FIFE), which will take place from 11 to 13 June 2015, is aimed to create a platform for exchanges between schools, universities and centers of specialization on the one hand, and between institutions and enterprises on the other hand. It also aims to allow the insertion of graduates in companies.

A skilled and competitive workforce on the international level goes through an adequate and appropriate training. FIFE therefore wants to enable students to interact with the schools and institutes in order to have the necessary information about the training in these institutions.

It should also be noted that the diversity in the targeted audience encouraged by FIFE will allow the companies to have on the same place a colourful skill set of workforce able to face up competition and worldwide competitiveness.

In addition, there will be discussion on topics related to the training and the insertion of youth in companies as well as the digitisation of our African societies.

Finally, this forum will present Côte d'Ivoire in its plural dimension in order to encourage investments from the investors that we plan to invite.

The forum is a space where each country is invited to expose on its abound academic, cultural and professional potential.

For this first edition, we have invited especially Ghana, India and Morocco. The reasons for these choices are justified by the fact that these countries enjoy political stability and have experienced in recent years, a rush of Ivorian students who often face problems of information.

Besides, since we also want encourage investment in the country, we are considering inviting businessmen from the above countries. However, institutions, individuals and businesses of other countries willing to take part to the forum can obtain their invitation by sending a request to the Committee of organization via this form.

Why should you exhibit?

Businesses, schools and individuals, FIFE is for you the meeting platform that will allow you to:

  • Promote your business and broaden your scope of action
  • Meet potential partners and establish agreements
  • Participate in the multidimensional promotion of your respective countries.
  • Enhance the image of your company or institution

FIFE gives you the possibility to expose on the products and services of your company or your institution courses. The possibility is also offered to individuals to speak on topics related to the training, the organization and the insertion of youth and also digitization of our African societies. The exhibition will be an opportunity for you to make business meetings and sign strategic partnerships to boost your growth.

You are therefore invited to register and take part in this major event.

Exhibitors profile

Are expected to this event

Education and training field

  • Higher educational institutions
  • Universities
  • Training institutions and certification centers

Production area

  • SMEs
  • SSIs
  • Start-up companies

Why should you visit ?

Take advantage of the platform offered by FIFE to:

  • Find the correct information regarding the choice of your higher educational institution through exchanges with institutions and institutes.
  • Make business meetings to boost your growth through partnerships with suppliers and / or investors.
  • Have opportunities to meet employees or to meet qualified people to employ.
  • Attend freely conferences and workshops

Visitors profile

Visitors profile

The international forum for training and employment will offer visitors a bunch of opportunities and resources.

Thus are expected:

  • Students and parents in search of reliable information
  • Companies looking for educational or professional partnership
  • Entrepreneurs seeking funding
  • People in search of employment
  • Companies looking for employees

The offers

The stalls



1 ticket offered  at the gala dinner



1 B2B / B2C

2  tickets offered  at the gala dinner



2 B2B / B2C

4 tickets offered  at the gala dinner

The advertisement

Communicate with your target audience by broadcasting commercials in the conference rooms during breaks.

Get an opportunity to present your business or institution as well as the services you offer during the breaks through the exhibition.

Associate your image to the event through the display of your logo on the web via online ads on social networks and on the official website of FIFE.

The magazine

Get inserts in the magazine of the exhibition for advertisements to promote your business.

Types of inserts


B2B and B2C


Business leaders and institutions, the forum is an opportunity for you to get in touch with the potential foreign partners for collaboration, or signing partnership to boost your growth.


Service providers or enterprises in contact with the general public, exchange with customers and potential customers so as to get closer to them and dispel their doubts about the services you have for them.

The sponsorship

The title

$530* Workshop sponsoring

3 thematic workshops
Visibility through banners, posters and kakemonos
*Price for one workshop


$1800 Coffee breaks sponsoring

visibility ensured through banners, posters and kakemonos
Expected number of attendees: 200 people
Quality of the guests: VIP and exhibitors


$5300 Gala diner sponsoring

Visibility through wall poster
Dissemination of advertising spots
Customization of tables
Hostesses in the colours of the sponsor
Expected attendees: 400
Quality of the guests: VIP
Media coverage


$14000 Exhibition sponsoring

An 18 m2 stall
Display of logo in the hall, on the background and on the cover of the magazine
A speech (at the opening ceremony and gala dinner)
T-shirts with the effigy of the sponsor (over 1000 copies, the manufacture is at the charge of the sponsor)
Two A4 pages in the magazine
An interview with the director of the company or a representative for the magazine
2 B2B and B2C 2 depending on the sponsor

Exclusive sponsoring

These offers will be tailored according to the request of the sponsor and the extent of possibilities of the organizing committee.

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Conférence/ Conference

Conférence 4 (Salle B)  THEME: Le leadership, un levier de performance pour un entreprenariat assuré.  

Conférence/ Conference

THEME: Conférence 1 (Salle A) : Education financière : Les bases l’investissement.  

Animateur :                              

Atelier / workshop

THEME: Atelier 1 (Salle B) : Un Community Manager: Qui est Quel est son rôle dans une entreprise

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Panel / workshop

THEME: Panel 2: Le e-learning en Afrique : Entre tradition, changement et innovation Animateur :

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Panel / Panel

Panel 1 : Quelle éducation financière pour les entrepreneurs Animateur :
TOPIC: E-learning: Challenges and opportunities
  • Mr ......

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Conférence 3

Conférence 3 (Salle A) : La cyber sécurité: Quelle confiance numérique pour les entreprises africaines ?  
TOPIC: What courses for which jobs in an emerging Côte d'Ivoire in 2020?
Animateur :


THEME: Conférence 8 (Salle A) : Internet des objets

Animateur :

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Conférence/ Conference

THEME: Conférence 14: La gestion du risque numérique en entreprise

Animateur :

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Conférence / Conference

THEME: Conférence 11 (Salle B) : Le Personal Branding : Comment développer sa e-réputation et sa marque personnelle ?
  • Animateur :

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Atelier/ Atelier

THEME: Atelier 3 (Salle A) : Thème 20 / ESPACE B2C Marketing pour PME/Startups. Comment le faire sans se ruiner? – Atelier sur les bases du marketing commercial pour PME/Startup en

Panel / workshop

THEME: Panel 3 AUDITORIUM: L’entreprenariat social: Solution innovatrice et prometteuse pour l’Afrique.

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Atelier / workshop

THEME: Atelier 4 (Salle B) : Thème 21 / ESPACE B2C Startups: Stratégies et Financement--Entreprenariat : L’argent est – il toujours crucial pour démarrer son entreprise ?


Panel / panel

THEME: Panel 4: TIC et économie émergente: Enjeux, Opportunités et Perspectives.

Animateur :

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Diner Gala / Gala Dinner

Dîner Gala de clôture à l’hôtel Ivotel Prix des tickets:
  • Individuel 30 000 FCFA
  • Couple 50 000 FCFA

  Gala Dinner at Ivotel Hotel Tickets price: Individual - 30 000 XOF Couple - 50 000 XOF

Conférence / Conference

Theme: La problématique de l'Emploi en Côte d’Ivoire: Quelles politiques et Quelles stratégies? Animateur : Ministère Emploi
Topic: The employment issue in Côte d’Ivoire: what policies and what strategies ?

Our speakers

Tidiane Doumbia

Directeur general de RoxSystems Technologies

THEME: Cloud Computing : Opportunités ou Illusion des entreprises africaines?

TOPIC: Cloud Computing: Opportunities or Illusion of African businesses?  

Franck Angueg

Ingénieur Agronome

THEME: Entreprenariat agricole : Défis et Innovation

TOPIC: Agricultural Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Innovation

BoBoua Zinan

DG d’Ariel Bio-Technologies

THEME: Entreprenariat agricole : Défis et Innovation

TOPIC: Agricultural Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Innovation


General Manager de Blithe Consulting / Coach de vie et Bloggeuse / Présidente de l’ONG EFIFEM

THEME: Le leadership féminin en entreprise

TOPIC: Women's leadership in business  

Allassane koné

Consultant en Marketing et Affaires Publics, Associé-Gérant du cabinet K-Stratedge.

THEME: Entreprenariat et Savoir-faire

TOPIC: Entrepreneurship and Skill  

Ettien Olivier Narcisse

IT Risk Manager

THEME: Cybercriminalité : un défi éprouvant pour les systèmes d’information

TOPIC: Cyber crime: a challenge for information systems

EHUI Khan Jean-Delmas

Directeur Général ICT 4DEV

THEME: Quels apports des TIC pour une agriculture moderne ?

TOPIC: What contribution of ICT for a modern agriculture?

Mme Yao Patricia

Directrice Générale de QUICKCASH

THEME: Entreprenariat féminin

TOPIC: women's Entrepreneurship

Joseph N’dekre TETCHI


THEME: E-learning: Enjeux et opportunités

TOPIC: E-learning: Challenges and opportunities

Malik Bakayoko


THEME: Entrepreneur et responsabilité : Fondements, Principes et pratiques

TOPIC: Entrepreneur and accountability: Foundations, Principles and Practices

André Silver Konan

Journaliste et écrivain

THEME: Les medias traditionnels, les réseaux sociaux : rivalité ou complémentarité

TOPIC: Traditional media, social networks: rivalry or complementarity  


Conseiller du Ministre de la Communication chargé des sites web, des TIC et du Numérique Sous-Directeur de la Communication et du Développement des Médias Président du Conseil de Gestion de l'Agence Ivoirienne de Presse (AIP)

THEME : Téléphones, smartphones et tablettes : quels risques pour la sécurité des données des entreprises?

TOPIC: Phones, smartphones and tablets: what risks for enterprises data security?

Mariam Sy Diawara

Fondatrice et Présidente de la Maison de l'Afrique-Mandingo Inc.

THEME: La gestion du risque numérique en entreprise

TOPIC: Management of digital risk in enterprise  



THEME: L’entreprenariat social: Solution innovatrice et prometteuse pour l’Afrique.

TOPIC: Social entrepreneurship: innovative and promising solution for Africa.


Directeur de l’IRMA ( Institut de Recherches Mathématiques)

E-learning: Enjeux et opportunités   Directeur de l'Information Scientifique et Technologique au Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche Scientifique, Directeur de l’IRMA ( Institut de Recherches Mathématiques) PCA du WACREN (West and Central African Research and Education Network) Coordonnateur Adjoint du RITER (Réseau Ivoirien de Télécommunications pour l'Enseignement et la recherche)   Director of the Technological and Scientific Information in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Director of IRMA (Institute of Mathematics Research) PCA WACREN (West and Central African Research and Education Network) Deputy Coordinator of RITER (Ivorian Telecommunications Network for Education and Research)

Samba Diakite

Professeur à l’Université Alassane Ouattara de Bouaké- Côte d’Ivoire et à l’Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR). Directeur Général des Éditions Différance Pérenne (Saguenay-Québec, Canada)

Ethique professionnelle et la problématique de l'émergence de la Côte d'IVOIRE: Fondements et pratiques.   Samba DIAKITÉ est Ivoiro-canadien, Professeur des Universités, Professeur Titulaire de Philosophie à l’Université Alassane Ouattara de Bouaké- Côte d’Ivoire. Il est détenteur d’un Doctorat d’État, ès lettres, art et sciences humaines, spécialité philosophie de la culture et philosophie de l’éducation et d’un Doctorat de 3è cycle en philosophie politique et sociale et philosophie africaine.  Premier docteur toutes disciplines confondues de l’Université de Bouaké en 2001, il est recruté en 2003 comme assistant. En 2006, il est réussi au concours international du CAMES (Conseil Africain et Malgache

They trust us

Practical info

Abidjan, pearl of the lagoons

Country: Ivory Coast
Status: economic capital
Area: 2,119 km²
Population: 3,660,682
Name: Abidjan
Official Language: French
Currency: franc CFA (XOF).
All times are GMT (UTC 0)
ISD code: +225

Useful numbers

  • Emergency

Fire fighters: 180
SAMU : 185
Police : 110, 111 ou 170

  • Help desks

CIE (power): 179
SODECI (water): 175
Côte d’Ivoire Télécom: 190/120

Commercial exchanges

The foreign currencies generally accepted in banks, some hotels and shops are the euro and the dollar
Only euro travellers cheque are accepted.
Credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) are accepted by most ATM's
It is possible to pay by cheque in some shops.


Road network

Car rental
Bus (Monbus / Express)

Lagoon and rail network

Water buses (Monbato)


The biometric visa of entry in Côte d’Ivoire is:

  1. Either an ordinary visa in the ordinary passport;
  2. Or an official visa affixed in the diplomatic, service or official passports.

However, whether ordinary or official, the biometric entry visa depends on the length of stay:

  1. The transit visa shall not exceed three (03) days;
  2. The short-stay visa shall not exceed three (03) months;
  3. The long-stay visa shall not exceed one (01) year.

Tax exemptions: Here are the maximum amounts that can be imported in Côte d’Ivoire without having to declare them to Customs:

  1. 200 cigarettes or 25 grams of tobacco
  2. 1 bottle of liquor or wine
  3. Photo and camera equipment, along with a bill of more than 6 months.


A foreign national entering Côte d’Ivoire is required to hold a passport (with at least a 6-month validity), a laissez-passer or a valid travel document. These documents must contain the holder’s picture and biometric entry visa.

Visa application forms are available either in Ivorian embassies or diplomatic missions in your country of residence, or online at


You can get a biometric visa at the international airport Felix Houphouet-Boigny.


  1. Online pre-enrolment (
  2. Payment (73 €)
  3. Receipt of confirmation document (case of pre-enrolment online)
  4. Enrolment at the airport

NB: Any payment for a visa application must be made in euro


The international vaccination card is mandatory and must be submitted to the public health agency when arriving in Côte d’Ivoire.

Vaccination against yellow fever is mandatory.

Please consult your doctor for any other health information regarding your trip.

It is strongly recommended to take out a travel medical insurance and a repatriation insurance.


  • Online payment: 50 euros (excluding bank charges)
  • Cash payment via Western Union outlets (this option is only available in certain countries, check the website
  • Other payment methods (NB: these payment methods require a longer processing time)
    • International transfers (SWIFT)
    • International Postal Order


(Source: Côte d’Ivoire tourisme)

Press kit

Content available soon



FIFE is an initiative of Itechgroup (International technology group), which is a non-profit and non-political structure, made up of individuals from various fields including TIC, management and biotechnology. The objective of the structure since its creation in 2007 is put at the disposal of its members an international platform of exchange that will allow them to improve themselves both academically and professionally.

So, Itechgroup encourages excellence through conferences, training and workshops it organizes which are sanctioned by projects, to make its members competent and competitive in the labor market. Furthermore, Itechgroup also promotes entrepreneurship by encouraging its members to leadership and the spirit of creativity.

  • Being holder  of BAC or BTS
  • Complete and submit the membership form (available at the section's office)
Documents to be provided:
  • Photocopy of diploma (BAC or BTS)
  • Your resume
  • A photo ID
  • Membership fees (see the section).

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